Unmasking Stress Myths: Unlocking the Essential Strategies for K-12 School Administrators and Teachers to Thrive| Wellness Surge

Reading Time: 8 mins Stress can be a major obstacle to achieving your goals, both professionally and personally. As teachers and school administrators in K-12 schools, you are often presented with unique stressors that need extra attention―stressors like preparing students for success, meeting the expectations of parents or guardians and dealing with the daily classroom […]

The Secret Sauce to Revolutionizing Corporate Wellness| Wellness Surge

Reading Time: 12 mins We are living through a revolution in corporate health and wellness, one that has been long overdue. There’s no doubt about it – taking care of your people is the best way to ensure business success. After all, happy and healthy employees create more productive work places! But, how can HR […]

Harness the Health Effects of Chocolate for you Body without the Calories

Reading Time: 6 mins Did you know that cocoa in chocolate is one of the major contributors of healthy antioxidants to the American diet¹ after fruits and vegetables?  Though most of us would never think of it as more than a common pantry item, cocoa is actually an ancient super food. To the Mayans of […]