Unmasking Stress Myths: Unlocking the Essential Strategies for K-12 School Administrators and Teachers to Thrive| Wellness Surge

Reading Time: 8 mins Stress can be a major obstacle to achieving your goals, both professionally and personally. As teachers and school administrators in K-12 schools, you are often presented with unique stressors that need extra attention―stressors like preparing students for success, meeting the expectations of parents or guardians and dealing with the daily classroom […]

The Secret Sauce to Revolutionizing Corporate Wellness| Wellness Surge

Reading Time: 12 mins We are living through a revolution in corporate health and wellness, one that has been long overdue. There’s no doubt about it – taking care of your people is the best way to ensure business success. After all, happy and healthy employees create more productive work places! But, how can HR […]

How to Create a Healthy Work Environment and Increase Productivity | Wellness Surge

Reading Time: 4 mins A healthy work environment to promote a healthy work environment that empowers individuals to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally. Let’s dive in!ent is essential for both employees and overall productivity and success of an organization. By fostering a workplace culture that prioritizes movement, mindset, and nutrition, employers can unleash the potential […]

How “Survival Mode” is Slowly Killing Us

Reading Time: 6 mins What is Stress? When we hear the word stress, most of us think of something negative that causes us to feel overwhelmed, overworked, or exhausted. It can be that, however, stress is not always a bad thing. In  medical terms, stress is anything that causes a reaction or adaptation in the body — good […]

You are a Gift!

https://youtu.be/nebHOTaCQFY Just by being you, You are a gift – Not just to the people you love, not even just to the people who know you – You are a gift to anyone you show kindness to, anyone you show your smile to, or give any positive attention to – It could be a total […]