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5 Week Wellness Surge

Get a healthy eating plan and clinical-grade natural supplements to support your weight loss.

Does this sound familiar?

You have been trying to lose weight, but you keep holding on to that weight. You lose some weight, and then a few days later you gain the weight back.  You get sensitive anytime someone talks about how you look. You think that they are commenting about your weight. You have been struggling and you are sick and tired of it. 

Our modern-day life is stressful, and this stress is keeping you from getting enough sleep, and also keeping you from losing weight.

I want you to know that it is not your fault. Did you know that every time you try a new diet, lose weight, and then go back to your regular eating, your body resets a new higher target weight for you?

When was the last time you felt confident and comfortable in your body?It’s time to change that. 

I am here to help jump-start your weight loss with our 5 Week Wellness Surge challenge so that you start feeling confident and comfortable in your body again..

At the end of the program

  • You will feel confident and comfortable in your body.

  • You will feel great and get compliments about how great you look

  • You will find one way to manage your stress

How does this sound?

Would you like to feel this way?


Healthy Eating Plan

to initially detox your body to remove toxins and then facilitate weight loss.

Quality Nutritional Supplements

to jumpstart your health and wellness and support your weight loss.

Community Support

to provide accountability

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There are many weight loss challenges out there. Why should you choose ours?

In our challenge, we will combine, diet, exercise, physical activity, mindset reset, and quality natural supplements in just 5 weeks to achieve your goal.

Here is what we will do:

Week 1: Focus on physical activity

Week 2: Focus on stress and sleep

Week 3: Focus on physical activity

Week 4: Focus on intermittent fasting

Week 5: Focus on Integrity

In addition:

- You will receive clinical-grade natural supplements to support your weight loss goal.

- You will have access to live, virtual classes to answer your questions.

- You will have access to recordings of the live classes.

- You will have a community for support and accountability.

- You will receive a complete nutrition plan to guide your weight loss journey.

- The recipes are easy. The foods are delicious and You don't have to count calories!

- You will have access to a convenient mobile app to keep you on track.

- You will get daily messages to motivate you to achieve your goal.

How does all this sound?

Is this something you can commit to?ph

Your weight loss transformation starts here.

How can you get started?

1. Register for your 5 Week Wellness Surge

2. Download the Well World App

3. Your eating plan and natural supplements will be delivered to you

As a busy person, one thing that may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts may be lack of sleep. You may be sleeping, but you may not be getting adequate rest. Or you may not be getting at least seven hours of sleep every night. If you commit to sleeping at least seven hours every night with a group of like-minded people to keep you motivated and accountable this would help you on your weight loss journey.


Is there anything more important than your health?

Really... your happiness depends on this!

Right now, you are sick and tired of not feeling confident in your body .

Don't let it get worse without taking action.

Let me help you!

Just imagine how you will look and feel 5 weeks from now. You will feel confident and comfortable in your body to do the things that you love. When people are whispering, you will know that they will be whispering about how great you look! You will have the energy and power to create the best version of yourself.

This investment in your health is only $297 !

This is less than the price of one meal at a fast food restaurant per day.

Payment plans are available.


Because we know that your time is important, we will only meet for about 30  – 45 minutes once a week for 6 weeks. You can substitute one hour of social media time, or one hour of a Netflix show to achieve this small time commitment.

The challenge is only $297. You can pay a one time payment of $297 or 2 payments of $165 every 2 week.

One time payment of $297, which is less than the price of one meal at a fast food restaurant per day. 

This price includes the price of a kit of quality natural supplements that will aid your weightless journey.

The natural supplements include:

  • 14 day supply of a VegeCleanse
  • 14 day Amino-D-Tox
  • 14 day Detox Antiox

Unfortunately, we do not accept insurance at this time.

Yes. You can choose the vegan options in the nutritional plan.

Dr. Adeola Oke, BSN, MPH, PharmD

Wellness Coach & Natural Supplement Expert

Meet Dr. Adeloa Oke, The Body Activator!

For almost 20 years I have been using my medical knowledge to improve health and well-being for people at different stages of their lives. From pre-mature babies to the elderly.

In my professional capacity, I have used my knowledge of both Western and Natural Supplements to help people manage diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and much more.

One of my goals in life is to reduce the burden of our everyday diseases. I have put together everything that I have learned over the years to activate your body to heal naturally, so that you can have the time and energy to do the things you love.

Many people know what to do to improve their health, but change is hard! They just need someone to be there with them, to hold their hands and remind them about what they should be doing.

Do you want an expert to hold your hands and teach you how to activate your body to heal naturally?

I can be that person for you!