10 Scientific Health Benefits of Turmeric

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For thousands of years, turmeric has been used in India as a spice and prized for its medicinal benefits. Only recently has modern medicine started to unlock the secrets hidden inside the flavorful yellow herb that gives curry its characteristic kick.
Curcuminoids might not be magical, but they’re the compound behind this herb’s superpowers this herb. The most potent curcuminoid is curcumin, which is both an antioxidant and antiinflammatory. Keep reading to find out more about this yummy spice’s top 10 biggest benefits for your body. 

10. Soft, Silky, Supple skin: How’s your skin feel?

You don’t need to use it as a mask or a scrub; in fact, just using a supplement with the curcuminoids’ anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties is enough to improve your skin health. A supplement will be especially beneficial if you have acne, psoriasis, eczema or similar skin problems.

9. Bright Smile and Strong Gums

Oral health and general health are closely connected, so keeping your teeth and gums healthy just makes sense when you’re focusing on better overall wellness. Along with brushing, flossing and visiting your dentist, consider using a supplement rich in curcuminoids, to fight off the gum inflammation that accompanies gingivitis, the earliest stage of gum disease.

8. Supercharged Antioxidants

Aging might be a natural process, but it’s not necessarily a welcome one. Oxidative damage is one of the primary mechanisms responsible for aging and occurs when free radicals are triggered by organic substances such as DNA, proteins or fatty acids. Curcuminoids are an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals but also boosts your body’s own defense against free radicals, making it an incredible ally against age-related damage.

7. Healing from Inflammation

Acute inflammation is an essential part of the immune system. Your body becomes inflamed when it recognizes pathogens, and the inflammation not only destroys the pathogens but helps heal your body. However, when inflammation becomes chronic, it can damage your own body’s tissues, and researchers are learning that inflammation might be behind some of the most common chronic diseases, including heart disease, metabolic syndrome, arthritis and cancer.
Curcuminoids act as inflammation superheroes. They battle chronic, low-level inflammation at themolecular level every bit as well as some types of anti-inflammatory drugs, according to research.

6. Pain-destroyer

Turmerones, another active compound in turmeric, work to keep nerves healthy, combat pain sensations and help get your body absorb more of the active curcuminoids. Supplements may offer highly concentrated forms of the active ingredients you need for maximum relief from pain and inflammation.

5. Brain Food

The brain continues to develop and prune neural connections throughout life. As we age, the neural growth factor necessary for neurons to multiply begins to decline. Depression, dementia and other brain disorders are linked to that decline. Curcuminoids have been found to help boost brain growth hormones, which could improve memory and combat degenerative brain problems.

4. Comfortable, Flexible Joints

Arthritis is typically associated with joint inflammation, stiffness and pain. Curcuminoids’ powerful anti-inflammatory effect can have a positive effect on joint health and function and may even be more beneficial than conventional anti-inflammatory drugs. With the right supplement, you could be living a more active life in spite of arthritis!

3. Healthy Blood Sugars

High blood sugar is common in people with metabolic syndrome, prediabetes and diabetes. Several studies have shown that curcumin may have a beneficial effect on blood glucose levels by improving insulin sensitivity and can improve the health of the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas in both people with prediabetes and those with type 2 diabetes. While diabetics still need to manage their diabetes with diet, exercise and medicine, a supplement could be a really helpful addition for many.

2. Healthy Cells

Cancer is a disease where unhealthy cells grow out of control. Current treatments include surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Researchers are also exploring natural supplements that could be helpful as well, including turmeric. In this case, it isn’t the curcuminoids in this case. Turmerones are bioactive molecules that might just help fight cancer on the molecular level. More research needs to be done to determine its effectiveness in humans, but the studies so far have been promising.

1. Happy Heart

Heart disease kills more people than anything else. While many things contribute to the development of heart disease, healthy blood vessels are critical to preventing it. Curcuminoids have been shown to protect the lining of the blood vessels, which may help regulate blood clotting, improve blood pressure and improve overall heart health.

Take Home Message

Unfortunately, to get the full benefits of the spice would require eating massive amounts of it every day and dealing with messy stains on your dishes, utensils and prep surfaces. Natural supplements can be a better way to get more of this powerful spice into your daily life and reap all of the benefits.

If you’re on a blood thinner, pregnant or trying to conceive, please use nutritional supplements with caution.