038: Ancient Secret to Cool Inflammation

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How do you control inflammation?

There are so many ways to control inflammation, from medications with side effects to herbs and quality natural supplements. 

In this episode, Dr. Sana Moeen shares one ancient secret for controlling inflammation. This procedure is done on the skin with the use of suction cups. Can you guess what it is?

Honestly, I was wowed by the origin story of this secret healing method. If you are looking for non-pharmacological ways to heal your body then you want to listen to this podcast. Honestly, you’ll thank me later!

Episode Highlights with Dr. Sana Moeen:

  • Easy to understand explanation about inflammation
  • Explanation of how the secret procedure can reduce inflammation
  • Does science back up the benefits of this procedure?
  • Can the secret procedure be done on kids?


Connect with Dr. Sana Moeen via text: phone number 281-827-6360. Dr. Sana Moeen is in Houston, TX, and she has patients who fly in from all over the United States for her ancient healing technique!

You’ll walk away from this episode clear and confident about the next steps to take to heal your body without medications. 

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Show Transcript


Are you like most busy people stressed and inundated with health advice? This overwhelm is not helping your health. You see, one day I woke up in severe pain. I and I could not walk. I was dragging myself around the house in my office chair with wheels. I tried Tylenol, the painting go away. I tried Motrin.

The pain didn’t go away. I then remember that an 80 year old cardiologist had told me about turmeric. I rushed to the store and bought a turmeric supplement. After taking only one capsule, about one hour later, I was able to walk again, pain free. This Mara experience made me a firm believer. In quality holistic remedies, I am Dr. Adeola Oke the body activator. That was me, a nurse, a pharmacist, and a public health professional. I didn’t know that I was suffering from inflammation despite all my years of education. Now I have been able to get to the root cause of my health challenges and I feel great and full of energy. I don’t want you to learn the hard way like I did.

So I created the Wellness Surge Podcast to share simple actionable changes. That you can make to activate your body to heal naturally. Here we will have conversations about food, fitness, mental health, and all that is in between. Now let’s get started.

[00:01:38] Dr. Adeola Oke My name is Dr. Adeola Oke and I do have here with me Dr. Sana Moeen, and today we are gonna be talking about ancient secrets to current inflammation. How cool is that? All righty. So Dr. Santa is a medical doctor. Overseas. She’s certified in Hijama, Cupping, Medi-cupping, lymphatic drainage. She’s also trained in Islamic Healing and prophetic medicine.

Cool. All righty. She’s currently a student of naturopathy and homeopathy serving the community since 2016. So just a little background on how I met her. Right. I just recently moved from Arizona to Houston, Texas. Right. And I heard about her all the way. In Arizona, I had, I was someone I used to go to a Hijama practitioner over there and she told me about the awesome things she was doing in Houston.

I never even knew I was gonna be moving to Houston. So once I moved to Houston, I’m like, I gotta go to her. So I gotta take my mom, take my family. So that’s how I met her. So welcome to the show, Dr. Santa. Nice to have you here. 

[00:02:46] Dr. Sana Moeen: Thank you. Nice to ha to, to invite me today to talk to you and your audience.

[00:02:55] Dr. Adeola Oke: Thank you. Thank you so much. All righty. So, like I said, we’re gonna be talking about ancient secrets to call it inflammation, right? So, Dr. Santa, your physician by training from Pakistan, right? In the simplest of terms. , what is inflammation? 

[00:03:14] Dr. Sana Moeen: Okay, Dr. Ala, um, I would say inflammation is your body’s normal response to any physical or chemical trauma.

For example, um, easy to um, explain would be like if you’re consuming simple water. Which is contaminated with heavy metals and toxins, or your diet includes too much genetically modified food that is loaded with pesticides and preservatives. So your body is going to react to it, right? It’s gonna try to eliminate some of it, but the remaining will go in your bloodstream and it’ll create inflammation, which is ultimately the root cause of all.

You may notice that you are getting symptoms like fatigue, irritability, headaches, lack of sleep, and so on. And if these are unchecked, which most of us we just ignore and you know, pop in a pain medication and stuff like that may lead to chronic illnesses. Um, most commonly diabetes, thyroid disorders, polycystic ovarian syndrome, liver failure, you name it.

So to lead a healthy life, our goal should be to keep the inflammation low on the body at its minimum. Very good. 

[00:04:29] Dr. Adeola Oke: Yes. That’s a wonderful, wonderful response. Thank you. All right, so yo, what inflammation is, right? What, so now we are talking about hijama. We talked about that copying practitioner. So, In the simplest of terms for people that have never heard that word before, what is hijama or wet cupping?

[00:04:53] Dr. Sana Moeen: Dr. Adeola, Hijama is basically, um, sucking out. So now what are you sucking out? You are sucking out the toxins and the impurities from the blood and bring it back to the normal state, so you are bringing back health to its normal. The impurities from the blood, they create inflammation and disease. Soma is a great blessing and it is a gift given to the ummah of the prophet may peace be upon him and blessings be upon him.

This gift was given on the night journey or the sesh journey of Isj. When the prophet please be upon him, ascended to the heaven. And it is narrated in had that the angels said to him, Mohamed, please be upon him. Order your Omar with cupping, which is wet cupping in numerous narration. We find that, um, the guidance to cupping has been always promoted.

There is another hadith that says, indeed, the best of the remedies you have is cupping. If there’s anything excellent to be used as a remedy, then it is cupping. So let me emphasize that Hijama is a very effective, complementary therapy to other treatments. It not only detoxifies the body over the period of time, but it also decreases the severity of your illness, making it less in need of medications.

A, and it has no side effects if done with the proper knowledge and e. And the smile on your face tells me, you know what I’m talking about ? 

[00:06:36] Dr. Adeola Oke: Yes. Um, yes. Um, so the key word is with no, uh, with the, with if done, with the proper knowledge and expertise. That’s the key word. And yes. Um, it’s very beneficial. Um, yeah.

So, wow. Um, I knew a little bit about Hijama, but I’ve learned a lot in this last couple of minutes, so thank you for that. Um, so. How does socking out blood call inflammation? 

[00:07:06] Dr. Sana Moeen: Um, is there a science to back this up? Uh, yeah, of course. Um, you know, with all the, the celebrities, you know, opting for hijama or cupping and you see all the marks on, you know, Michael Phelps and other celebrities, a lot of research has come forth regarding how effective it it is in diminishing pain.

And it gi gives a feeling of relaxation. So, hi, um, has a lot of things to it. It is divided into three. The first part is when you apply dry cupping using a sterile cup to the body. Then you do massage cupping using essential oils, and that improves the blood circulation and it helps bring the toxins underneath the skin to the surface fist.

Lastly, when we use, um, wet cupping or hijama using superficial and extremely shallow scratch, Um, of course at all times using sterile, um, surgical instruments. Um, it causes vasodilation, which means that it causes the increased blood flow to that area, and when you increase the flow to that area, of course, a lot.

So this is how health, um, repaired the diseased area in turn, leading to, uh, healing and diminishing of the inflammation. 

[00:08:42] Dr. Adeola Oke: Wow. I just used to think, they used to put some cup in my body. suck stuff up. I did not know there was some science to it. Good to know. . Good to know. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. So, oh, wow.

What type of conditions do you manage with hijama? Because you said you can use it for so many things. Give us some examples. 

[00:09:09] Dr. Sana Moeen: It is, um, as you know, inflammation is the root cause of everything, right? Yes. So you name it. Um, I see a lot of people with, uh, muscle pain, back pain, joint pain, sciatica, migraines, endocrinal disorders like thyroid, diabetes, P C O S, infertility, parkinsonism memory, and focus issues.

Um, we know from another or the narration from the prophet Sal Asylum that it sharp, it lightens the back. The prophet himself, Mays be upon him. Mm-hmm. God is done on his head and this was when he was inflicted with black magic. So it is excellent for spiritual issues as well. Wow. 

[00:09:51] Dr. Adeola Oke: Wow, wow, wow. There’s something I wanted to ask.

Um, so neuropathic pain, right? Nerve pain is, is some somewhat troublesome, and you talked about sciatic. So hijama helps with that. 

[00:10:05] Dr. Sana Moeen: Absolutely, because if you know the anatomy of the sciatic nerve, you’ll actually apply the cups to the areas where there is irritability or inflammation of that nerve. And, and it’s basically the, the lower back area where the sciatic nerve exits out from the, the vertebral column, right?

So you have to trace the entire path first. I would, um, examine the patient. and then I would decide which areas are affected, and then accordingly I would place my cups. So, um, when you do that, you um, relieve the inflammation there, and it’s the inflammation that is compressing the nerve, which in turn leads to the pain.

So once you decompress the compression, um, it, um, restores the function of the nerve. Ok. And both decreases. . 

[00:10:58] Dr. Adeola Oke: I don’t wanna get all geeky on you, but , you just, you’re just really stimulating my No. So I’m still gonna continue on the nerve pain. So people that say they have, um, so they, they have an amputated leg, right?

Yes. And they keep feeling some sensation there. Right? Fully help because I have a lot of patients like this and I’m just like, I never knew this. So. 

[00:11:20] Dr. Sana Moeen: Okay. So, um, each patient is unique. Ok. Uh, but, um, I strongly believe that hijama is a gift to the humanity. Mm-hmm. Not just to the Muslims, but to the entire humanity.

So it helps each and every person. And, um, in order to decide whether it is a good remedy right away or is it, uh, a remedy that we want to wait on or we want to compliment it with, um, other therapies and modalities, we, um, need to do a complete, um, consultation of that client. And then make a treatment plan, which is well suited for him.

But of course it helps with all kinds of nerve uh, disorders and it does restore quite a bit of function, but each case is different. 

[00:12:05] Dr. Adeola Oke: Okay. Well thank you so much. I was starting to get a little geeky there, so sorry about that. No problem. Alrighty. So still. All right, so from my conversation with you, I’m hearing adults, adults, can you practice hijama on children?

[00:12:21] Dr. Sana Moeen: Absolutely, absolutely. They are the most important, uh, part of our wellbeing and, you know, our future. These are the kids that we need to educate about this son, right? Yeah. So, yes, I see kids all the time and, um, it’s just that you have to be very well versed with their unique condition. And so with all my children, I do a thorough consultation with the mom first.

and then I study their test results and then make a treatment plan which is customized to that child specific need. Okay. 

[00:12:52] Dr. Adeola Oke: Wow. Wow. So aren’t the kids scared? You know, like, 

[00:12:56] Dr. Sana Moeen: um, uh, I would say that, um, they are a little bit, um, confused. Some are scared, but you know, the moms have done a very good job of, of stimulating them and, you know, giving them positive reinforcement.

So once they come in, I, um, I never rush. I always introduce them to the concept. I make them, um, feel all the stuff that I’m going to use. And if a child is specifically scared, I would never jump into wet cupping for him. I would introduce him to massage cupping, and to dry cu. And let him decide because, uh, my thing is that, you know, this is not something that is a one or two time surgical procedure.

This is a gift. This is the ultimate remedy, and we need to introduce it with so much love and care that these kids, they can take it on to their generations. The, this should be part of their preventive care. So we wanna do it as lovingly as. Okay, so 

[00:13:59] Dr. Adeola Oke: you keep saying the word surgical procedure and most people when they hear that one, they get scared

Okay. All right guys, listen, I’m so sorry. This is my

she saying surgical procedure. It just means that it’s just a little tiny blade. That you should barely feel that it’s going on. Whatever body pack that is just making some tiny incisions. It’s not that bad deal. Oh, okay. Little kids can handle it. 

[00:14:29] Dr. Sana Moeen: So, you know, my kids, they tell me that they’re, they’re, they’re actually tickling only.

And I tell them, you can laugh out loud, but no wiggling allowed. So that’s all it is. Yes. And lemme tell you, you know, it. In so many things, like, you know how you are seeing a lot of food sensitivities in kids. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. , asthma, eczema. Yes. Hyperactivity, yes. Focus issues, frequent sinus infections and leading to, um, you know, deviated nasal septum and so many things.

Bedwetting memory impairment night. Yeah. Boosting confidence. So many benefits in kids. 

[00:15:09] Dr. Adeola Oke: Wow. Wow, wow, wow. I just wanted to make sure people understood that when you said surgical procedure because in my, when we had surgery, we run the other way. 

[00:15:19] Dr. Sana Moeen: Not a surgical procedure, it’s just that I, I always take the precautions that I would normally take in a surgical procedure.

So the sanitization part is what I meant. 

[00:15:29] Dr. Adeola Oke: Okay. All right. Good, good, good. Thank you. So if there’s somebody out there that has been thinking about hijama, but is so scared about what to expect, what advice would you give them? 

[00:15:41] Dr. Sana Moeen: Um, Dr. Ola, what can I say? Um, um, I’ll say that it’s an amazing bar. Or abundance of goodness in it.

Make your intention to heal the scenario and get the reward of reviving the son. Your belief is the most important thing in your healing. Um, and one more thing, if you haven’t tasted honey, you won’t know it right until you try out. So hijama is so relaxing that your body tells you when you are late for your.

You won’t regret it in Shama. So go ahead and give yourself the gift of Hijama. 

[00:16:22] Dr. Adeola Oke: Okay. All righty. So this is one I’m gonna throw in there. So, um, initially you says the keyword was, um, if done properly, um, proper technique. How can people know who they should kind of seek out when trying to get a Hijama practitioner?


[00:16:40] Dr. Sana Moeen: you know, the word of mouth is the biggest, uh, re. . Um, but I would say that once you go and get your, um, session done with a practitioner, you kind of know, um, what you feel and you kind of know, um, whether you like that practitioner or not. So, um, I will say that anybody who, um, does it to revive the son and does it the way that it should be done and gives you the, the proper.

Guidelines and has the knowledge at least of the human body, um, and the proper expertise and the experience and your heart, you know, is inclined towards that person, then you are in the right hands. . Okay. Very good. 

[00:17:28] Dr. Adeola Oke: Wow. Thank you. Thank you. Okay. All righty. So we’ve kind of talked a lot today. I have thoroughly enjoyed this.

I have learned so much more, so many things I haven’t already know about Hijama before, so thank you for that. What is one thing, though, that you wanna make sure that people take away from today’s session? 

[00:17:45] Dr. Sana Moeen: Um, I would say your body is a great gift from your creator. Let’s make an intention to keep it healthy by making the right choices.

In our diet, in our lifestyle and the remedies we choose for its healing. 

[00:18:02] Dr. Adeola Oke: That’s beautiful. Thank you so much for that. Thank you. So how can people get ahold of you? All right? Like I heard about you all the way in Arizona. How can people get ahold of 

[00:18:11] Dr. Sana Moeen: you now? I’m happy to be here and serve everyone. They can either, um, text me on my number, which is 2 8 1 8 2 7 6 360.

They can message me on my Facebook page at Hijama in Houston, llc. Or they could. Uh, reach me out on my Patient Wellness Association portal. It’s also listed on my flyer, which I believe you may have, and I will be more than happy to help them heal in the prophetic way in Shama.

[00:18:43] Dr. Adeola Oke: Alrighty, awesome. Awesome.

Thank you so much, Dr. Sana Moeen. It was a pleasure learning from you about ancient secrets to colon inflammation, everybody. I hope you have an awesome week. I’ll see you in the next episode. Bye-bye. Thank you for having me. 


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