036: 3 Reasons Why You’ll Want to see a Chiropractor

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Do you want to learn how to balance it all? Your health? Your wellness? Your work? What about family life? 

When you hear the word “chiropractor,” what comes to mind?

I was wowed by all the things that a chiropractor can do to help you heal without medications! If you are listening to non-pharmacological ways to heal your body then you want to listen to this podcast.

In this episode, we learn 3 things that most people don’t know that a chiropractor can help you with.

Our conversation today is with Dr. Bonnie May. Dr. Bonnie May was born and raised on a farm in Iowa, and at a very young age, watching her sister suffer from diabetes she decided that she wanted to find a cure for diabetes.

She thought that she’ll be a scientist,  or because she loved kids so much maybe a pediatrician.   But after her mother read a story of a young boy from Michigan who was a diabetic and got under Chiropractic care and was healed and able to get off his insulin shots,  she knew I would consider this as a career.   She borrowed books from a Family Chiropractor, and used them to write an essay on chiropractic and won a scholarship to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.   As she wrote the material and studied the books,  she had no question whatsoever that the Chiropractic premise was perfectly sane and made her realize that she had to be a chiropractor.
Dr. Bonnie May is a chiropractor with over 4 decades of practice! She won Chiropractor Woman of the Year in 2007 and is, Author of 2 books “First Heal the Children” and “Complementary Medicine for the Military.” She is passionate about helping sick children get healed so they can get off their prescription medications (there is no such thing as a prescription without a side effect!)

Episode Highlights with Dr. Bonnie May:

  • Benefits of chiropractic care for your immunity
  • Interesting point about women getting pregnant with the help of chiropractic care
  • Did you know that stress can cause your vertebra to go out of alignment?
  • The impact of a vertebra that is not in alignment
  • And much more!

You’ll walk away from this episode clear and confident about if chiropractic care is right for you. 

Connect with Dr. Bonnie May at drbonniemay.com  via email: bmaydc@hotmail.com phone number 719-640-5267. She has offices in Colorado Springs and Lakewood,  Co.

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Show Transcript


Are you like most busy people stressed and inundated with health advice? This overwhelm is not helping your health. You see, one day I woke up in severe pain. I and I could not walk. I was dragging myself around the house in my office chair with wheels. I tried Tylenol, the painting go away. I tried Motrin.

The pain didn’t go away. I then remember that an 80 year old cardiologist had told me about turmeric. I rushed to the store and bought a turmeric supplement. After taking only one capsule, about one hour later, I was able to walk again, pain free. This Mara experience made me a firm believer. In quality holistic remedies, I am Dr. Adeola Oke the body activator. That was me, a nurse, a pharmacist, and a public health professional. I didn’t know that I was suffering from inflammation despite all my years of education. Now I have been able to get to the root cause of my health challenges and I feel great and full of energy. I don’t want you to learn the hard way like I did.

So I created the Wellness Surge Podcast to share simple actionable changes. That you can make to activate your body to heal naturally. Here we will have conversations about food, fitness, mental health, and all that is in between. Now let’s get started.

Dr. Adeola Oke: Hello everybody and welcome to the Wellness Surge Podcast. Today I have with me Dr. Bonnie May, and we’ll be talking about three reasons why you’ll want to see a chiropractor. Dr. Bonnie May is a chiropractor with over four decades of practice. She won the Chiropractor Woman of the Year in 2007. She’s the author of two books. The first one, first, heal the Children.

Dr. Adeola Oke: How wonderful is that? And a second one, complimentary medicine for the military. Awesome. She’s passionate about helping sick children get healed so that they can get off their prescription medications. If you did not know, there’s no such thing as a prescription without a side effect. Okay, so that’s her, that’s her, that’s her, um, her passion, and that’s what she’s all about.

Dr. Adeola Oke: So, um, Dr. May welcome to the Wellness Such podcast. We are so thankful to have you here today. 

Dr. Bonnie May: Thank you. I am honored to be here. Appreciate that. 

Dr. Adeola Oke: Okay, so, um, we’re gonna be talking about three reasons why you’ll want to see a chiropractor, but when you hear the word chiropractor right, what comes to your mind?

Dr. Adeola Oke: I know what comes to my mind. I’m thinking, is somebody messing with my back, pressing some things in my back? Am I right? 

Dr. Bonnie May: Uh, I think you’re absolutely right. A majority of people who don’t have any idea what we do have heard stories about getting their nex and backs cracked. It’s not bad at all. . 

Dr. Adeola Oke: Okay. If you say so.

Dr. Adeola Oke: I’ve never done that before. I’ve done, I’ve tried different modalities, but I’ve never been to a chiropractor, so maybe I will have to stick one out after this podcast if I know why. I sure see one. Okay. So, okay. Um, you’ve been a chiropractor for four decades. That’s a long time. That’s right. Ok. So what is chiropractic practice?

Dr. Bonnie May: The entire principle is, uh, focused around the word subluxation. And subluxation is just the word we use to describe a vertebrae out of alignment. It can be a little bit out or a lot out. And when it’s out of alignment where the nerve exits the introvert foramen, wherever that nerve is going to, you’re gonna have dysfunction.

Dr. Bonnie May: And irrational behavior and dis-ease in that tissue, 

Dr. Adeola Oke: so, okay. All right. So let me kind of break that down. Let me, I’m kind of trying to, let’s, can we make it more, um, layman? So the vertebrae, like the bones in the back, in the spinal co, spinal column, right? Right. Correct. And if a nerve goes out of place, it doesn’t go to the.

Dr. Adeola Oke: It gets pinched Or is that what you’re talking? If the ver, 

Dr. Bonnie May: if the vertebrae goes out of alignment. Oh, the vertebrae. Okay. Because the vertebrae is protecting the soft tissue, which is the central nervous system. The spinal cord. And the spinal nerves. Okay. The bones protect the spinal cord and nerves, and if that vertebrae bone gets a little bit out of alignment, it irritates where the nerve, the nerve and wherever it’s leading to, is where you’re gonna have a problem.

Dr. Bonnie May: Ah, 

Dr. Adeola Oke: I got it. I got it. Okay. I was just trying to make sure, like, like I said, a lot of people don’t know about this word, so I wanna use like layman’s terms so we all understand what you’re talking about. Okay. So, got it. Okay, so, so what I’m hearing is this, when that gets out of alignment, , your job is to kind of put things back in alignment, is that what you’re saying?

Dr. Adeola Oke: Correct, 

Dr. Bonnie May: correct. Ah, 

Dr. Adeola Oke: okay. Okay, okay. Very, very, very interesting. So if, if I think about a vertebrae or the, the vertebrae in my back, right? Just going out of alignment, all I think about is back pain. Is there something else that called result can happen because of my vertebrae not being in alignment? 

Dr. Bonnie May: Well, number one, you don’t know whether the vertebrae is out of alignment or not because you may not have any pain.

Dr. Bonnie May: Ah, but if there’s a subluxation and the nerves are being interfered with, you’re going to have some result that’s going, that’s gonna be a negative result from the brain not being able to send the message to the body. Ah, 

Dr. Adeola Oke: Hmm. 

Dr. Bonnie May: No. Some people, many, many people come because of pain, obviously. But once people learn and understand how important it is to be in good alignment, then they come in on a regular basis whether they have pain or not, and they bring their families in because it creates more normal nerve function in the body, which creates better health.

Dr. Adeola Oke: Okay. So when you say better health, health is a very broad. So things like what, what sp like people deal with symptoms. Okay. I have high blood sugar. Um, I can’t breathe. I have asthma. Um, I have an infection. So what kind of things like, uh, what type of health problems, um, are we talking about here? 

Dr. Bonnie May: It can be anything from A to Z quite honestly.

Dr. Bonnie May: Oh. Uh, because. If you have a vertebrae in your neck out of alignment, you could have shoulder problems. You could have arm numbness. Mm-hmm. , you could have a vertebrae in the upper back out of alignment. You would have difficulty with your lungs functioning correctly. You could have chest pain, you could have heart issues.

Dr. Bonnie May: Now, I became a chiropractor because of I wanted to help diabetes. and the midthoracic level of the nerves that feed the pancreas. When a young boy many years ago who was a diabetic got under regular chiropractic, his pancreas started to work and he was able to get off of his insulin shots, and that’s why I became a chiropractor.

Dr. Bonnie May: What? That’s 

Dr. Adeola Oke: amazing. Yeah. Like, you know, so that’s why I said, I’ve never been to a chiropractor and all I talk think about them is them doing something to my back. And I always thought people, the only people that have back pain go to visit a chiropractor. I did not realize it was way more than that. It is, yeah.

Dr. Adeola Oke: So diabetes being managed by a chiropractor who knew? Well, we 

Dr. Bonnie May: won’t say that it, we’ll say back then. That was the story. Um, today I don’t specifically treat diseases. I locate subluxations and adjust them. So I know that when the body starts getting back the normal nerve flow to everywhere, it’s gonna be more normal, stronger immune system.

Dr. Bonnie May: All the organs are gonna function better and overall they’re just gonna be he. 

Dr. Adeola Oke: Wow. Wow. That’s like eye-opener to me right there. Mm-hmm. . All righty. So, okay, so we know what a chiropractor does, right? We know. Yeah. Maybe , I think. So we know what a chiropractor does. What kind of schooling do they do? Do they go through to be able to be able to help with things like this?

Dr. Adeola Oke: What type of education? Well, 

Dr. Bonnie May: the education is the same as a medical doctor, huh? Um, you know, the same number of years, the same courses. In fact, some courses we have more hours than they do, but I think in the end, when they go off to pharmacology, we go to spinal adjusting. So we take the same kinds of state board exams, we have the same education about the human body and about disease.

Dr. Bonnie May: And, you know, we’re educated very much like they. 

Dr. Adeola Oke: Okay. No, this is really news to me. I’m not trying to be in ignorance. It’s more, it’s about eight years of college, is 

Dr. Bonnie May: that? Yeah, it’s, it’s six to eight. 

Dr. Adeola Oke: Yeah. Wow. So this is because from like when you go as, um, I’m a pharmacist. I’m, I’ve been in the medical field for several years, pharmacist, nurse, all of that.

Dr. Adeola Oke: When you go into that branch of medical practice, you view other practitioners as. Like, oh, what are they doing? Chiropractor? I never knew that this is what, until like, let me see. Until I got my , I became educated or I educated myself into alternative practices and I became very interested in them. That’s how I started.

Dr. Adeola Oke: like trying to find out about them, and that’s why invite people on my podcast to come and educate me better and educate the public too, you know? Because we don’t know. You don’t know what you don’t know, . So this is news to me. Wow. 

Dr. Bonnie May: Now, let me say two other factors that I would really like to touch upon.

Dr. Bonnie May: You’re people are gonna say, well, what causes sublux? Yes, that’s the question, right? And why do you treat children? Why do you work on babies? I mean, I get that question. So the three causes are the three Ts, and it’s trauma, toxins, or thoughts. , huh? So in the category of trauma, you could have a slip and a fall, or poor posture or bad shoes, or, uh, carrying something heavy.

Dr. Bonnie May: Those are the kinds of trauma, right? Mm-hmm. . And when you talk about toxins, you’re talking about bad air, bad water, bad food that the human body doesn’t like, and it reacts by becoming subluxated. And then thoughts are like stresses, like anger, hatred. , that kind of negative energy also causes the spine to go out of alignment.

Dr. Bonnie May: Oh, so those are the three? Yeah, those are the three main causes. And I have to, you know, explain that to people when, um, you know, I had a, a patient yesterday who, uh, came to Colorado to go skiing and he called me and said, you know, my middle back hurts and can you come in? I said, yeah, I’ll come right in.

Dr. Bonnie May: And I, I talked to him, you know, here’s a new man, never. And I’m trying to figure out why he’s got this back pain. Didn’t do anything. So I finally said, okay, are you under some big stress? He goes, yeah, my job. I went, you know, bingo. So, so I got him adjusted. He felt better after he got adjusted, but that was a perfect example of stress affecting your nervous system.

Dr. Bonnie May: Now, let me just say again about checking babies. This is one of my lifelong visions I’ve. That I would love to go into medical colleges and do an a couple hour discussion on why every newborn baby should be checked for being out of alignment, because I’ve had mothers bring new babies in that don’t stop crying, that won’t poop, that won’t eat, and, and I just hold them and with my fingers, I just feel their little spines.

Dr. Bonnie May: And if I find a. That feels like it’s tight and there’s pressure. Then I massage it and hold it until it releases and they feel better, they sleep better. I’ve had a mother say to me, you know, I had no idea. I’ve been taking my child to uh, a Harvard grad pediatrician, and the child wasn’t poop. And she, this is a great, cuz it’s in my book.

Dr. Bonnie May: I wrote about it and I talked to her recently and she goes, oh, it’s absolutely true. I watched you work on him thinking what you’re doing’s never gonna do anything. But when he left, he pooped, you know, so . Exactly. You know, it’s like the nerves control everything and kids get out of alignment also. Wow.

Dr. Adeola Oke: How amazing is that? The nerves control everyth. Okay. All right. So , this is like, oh, I’m just like blown away by all of this news. So thank you for sharing all that. So can you sh, can you share three things that most people don’t know that a chiropractor can help you with? Um, um, so yeah, we’ve kind of talked about some, but like three things that people can hold onto and see, I’m gonna take this away today.

Dr. Bonnie May: Well, I would say first of all, the immune system is huge. because if they don’t have a properly functioning nervous system and the body organs aren’t doing what they’re designed to do, it’s create creating internal stress, which creates a depressed immune system. So that’s huge that it helps the immune system.

Dr. Bonnie May: Um, secondly, I would say their ability to think clearly. A lot of people wouldn’t think by getting your nervous system lined up better, that the brain is gonna function better, the mind is gonna be better. But it’s true. The body and the mind are one. And when we improve the physical function, the mind works better also.

Dr. Bonnie May: So that’s number two. And number three, the would be women who can’t get pregnant. Many times, and there was research done on this. Um, but if they’re out of alignment and their female organs aren’t doing what they’re designed to do, very simply, they come in and they start getting under regular care and the nerves work and the, the whole female reproductive system works better.

Dr. Bonnie May: They get pregnant and they have a baby. So that’s happened many times to many chiropractors. What. . I know. Isn’t that great? ? 

Dr. Adeola Oke: What? Mm-hmm. . 

Dr. Bonnie May: Wow. Those are just three simple reasons. You know, uh, you know, in the beginning of my career, I would have people come to me all the time and they’d say, well, you know, what?

Dr. Bonnie May: Can chiropractic help? You know, I’ve got arthritis, I’ve got this pain, I’ve got that. You know, can chiropractic help me? And my answer was always the same, if you’re out of alignment. And you get into better alignment through chiropractic adjustments, your body’s gonna work better and nine times outta 10, if that’s the cause, then they’re gonna get better.

Dr. Bonnie May: Okay. Okay. 

Dr. Adeola Oke: I’m, I have to throw this in because I’m sorry. I’m a, I’m a medical practitioner and I know, I hear what people say. People worry sometimes. People worry about going to, we’ve heard about the quack. Chiropractor, how can you know that This is a hard question. Okay. . Like, because, um, you, this person is pressing things on your back and you don’t want them to press the wrong thing.

Dr. Adeola Oke: Right? How can you feel comfortable to know that, okay, it’s safe for me to go to this chiropractor? 

Dr. Bonnie May: Well, I. You know, I would trust that if they’ve graduated from chiropractic college and they’re doing it to help people, you can pretty much assume that they’re trustworthy. Um, and I’m not saying that there isn’t one here and there that wouldn’t be, but why would it be any different than going to a dentist or a medical doctor?

Dr. Bonnie May: You know, you, you, many people come because they’re referred by a friend or a relative. And you know, I have people. My patients will say, well, you know, my son lives in Missouri. Can you find a chiropractor in Missouri? So I get the zip code, I go online and look for somebody that practices maybe somewhat like I do when I give them that number and let them go talk to them.

Dr. Bonnie May: And I, you know, I just would trust that their heart’s in the right place and that they wanna help people. I, there’s so many different techniques that’s an important piece of this picture. Um, there’s very gentle techniques and there’s techniques that are a little rougher. So I use a very gentle technique and, and my patients know that if they go somewhere else to somebody who’s rougher, it’s gonna be a different experience.

Dr. Bonnie May: But not that it’s bad, it’s just not everybody wants the rougher correct. 

Dr. Adeola Oke: Ah, good to know. , good to know. Because yeah, just when you were talking about pressing the pa, the baby’s back, I’m like, that doesn’t sound painful. Like, it doesn’t sound like the horror, horror stories. You kind of hear , but, but, so there are different techniques.

Dr. Adeola Oke: There’s the soft one and there’s the Okay. Good to know. Good to know. Well, I’ve learned a lot today. I’m so, I’m so thankful to you. But what is one thing that you want to make sure that people take away today after the. 

Dr. Bonnie May: I would love parents to take their children in and get their children checked so they can function at top possible health function and have maximum health potential and just be as healthy as possible the natural way.

Dr. Bonnie May: Um, you know, whether it’s headaches, stomach aches, uh, leg pains. Digestion problems can’t sleep. Kids when they get chiropractic care, they love it. They are fighting to get on the adjusting table first. They, they really, they innately know that it’s good for them and they feel better afterwards. And so I just hope that parents will look into the truth about the human body as a self-healing mechanism.

Dr. Bonnie May: You know, when you cut your finger, you know it’s going to, and kids should be healthy and strong and happy all the time. And if they fall off their bike and get out of alignment and then next week they start coughing and their lungs aren’t functioning properly cuz their upper back got out of alignment.

Dr. Bonnie May: Those are just examples. I wanna make sure kids have the ability and the gift of good health through chiropractic. 

Dr. Adeola Oke: Wow, I didn’t even know you could take a child to a chiropractor . So I’ve learned so much today. Thank you so much. So how can people get ahold of you after this show? 

Dr. Bonnie May: Well, they can go to, um, my website, drbonniemay.com and my address of the office and phone numbers are on there.

Dr. Bonnie May: Okay, 

Dr. Adeola Oke: very good. Thank you so much Dr. Bonnie May. It was enlightening speaking with you, learning about chiropractic care and what a chiropractor can do. Three reasons why I’ll really wanna take my child to a chiropractor and myself to a chiropractor. Thank you so much, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Dr. Bonnie May: Thank you. Thank you for, for having me. I appreciate you. Appreciate 

Dr. Adeola Oke: you too. So thank you everybody. Have a good week.


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