015. DETOXOTHON – A Community Program to Achieve Whole Health Through Diet and Lifestyle

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Our conversation today is with Jamal Atalla, MD. He is American Board certified in Nephrology and Hypertension diseases. He is also an interventional and Nephrology Associate in one of the largest renal groups in the United States. He was trained at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition and he is a Member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

We discussed Detoxothon, a community program that I had the pleasure of participating in that is used to achieve whole health through diet and lifestyle. You’ll enjoy this insightful episode.

Episode Highlights with Dr. Jamal Atalla:

  • How to unleash the “doctor” within with the Detoxothon program
  • Amazing weight loss and blood pressure outcomes over the 5 week program
  • How to stay motivated in a program to change diet and lifestyle

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Show Transcript

Introduction: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Wellness Surge Podcast with  Dr. Adeola Oke. Each week we discuss our wellness journey with real people like you and me. We’ve conversations about food, fitness, mental health, financial wellness, and much more so you can get back to the real you. To make sure that you’re up to date with this and other wellness topics, visit wellnesssurge.com. Information presented here is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease. Please do not apply any of the information presented here without first speaking with your primary care provider. Now let’s head onto the show.

Dr. Adeola Oke: [00:00:38] Welcome to the Wellness Surge podcast. Today, I have with me, Dr. Jamal Atalla and we’re going to be talking about the Detoxothon. Detoxothon is an online support group to achieve whole health through diet and lifestyle. Say hello, Dr. Jamal!

Dr. Jamal Atalla: [00:00:54] Hey. Hello! Adeola. Thank you for having me. And good to see you.

Dr. Adeola Oke: [00:00:59] Alrighty. Awesome. So Dr. Jamal MD, is  American board certified in nephrology and hypertension disease. He is also an interventional and nephrology associate at Arizona Kidney Disease and Hypertension center, which is like the largest rental group in the whole country. The whole United States.

All right. He was trained at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition and he’s a member of the American college of Lifestyle Medicine. All right. So we’re really honored to have Dr. Jamal here with us. Thank you so much for coming on our show.

Dr. Jamal Atalla: [00:01:31] Thank you. And the honor is mine Dr. Adeola.

Dr. Adeola Oke: [00:01:34] Alrighty. So when you hear Detoxothon and you’re like, ‘what is that’?! First time I heard it, I was like ‘what in God’s name is that’?! But I was able to participate in the program. And I thought it was really beneficial. So I thought, you know what? I would like to invite Dr. Jamal on my show, so he can share with the audience, the benefits of this program. So to start with what is the Detoxothon program

Dr. Jamal Atalla: [00:01:59] I’m going to go off of a saying of Dr. Albert Schwitzer. Dr. Albert Schweitzer… he is a philosopher, humanitarian, writer, and physician. And he said something kind of interesting. He said, “It’s supposed to be a secret, but I’m going to tell you that anyway, we doctor don’t do anything. We merely help and encourage the doctor within.” That is Detoxothon.

Detoxothon is a health program that is designed to restore the natural healing power that the human being has. That’s the short version of it. Of course. And we do this… we do this through, you know, acquiring habits, healthy habits over the course of five weeks. Gradually…one week at a time. The intention of the program is really to get what’s in the way, out of the way for the body to heal itself.

That’s a brief.

Dr. Adeola Oke: [00:03:01] Wow! That’s beautiful. Doctors don’t do anything. We just… work on the doctor within. That’s a really beautiful way to say it. I, I think so, too. 

Dr. Jamal Atalla: [00:03:12] One thing, you know, Adeola to kind of make it closer to people’s mind. You know, like if we have a cut on our skin…

Dr. Adeola Oke: [00:03:18] Yes.

Dr. Jamal Atalla: [00:03:18] The body has the capacity to heal it and in no time.

However, if we, you know, if, if, if you know….we are sweaty or there’s dirt on it, or there’s, you know, a contamination that body loses that capacity to heal. This is pretty much what happens in our body when we deal with chronic diseases, conditions.The body is not able to exercise that innate capacity to heal itself.

So, you know, when you get what’s in the way, out of the way… and what I mean by that is the  multiple toxins that our body is exposed and drowned in our food and our diet in  what we drink, what we breathe, the things that we use at home, et cetera. When we get that out of the way, really allowing the body to really exercise that, that powerful, powerful capacity.

Yeah, that’s it.

Dr. Adeola Oke: [00:04:15] Wow. Okay.  Hmm, you’re board certified in nephrology, hypertension disease and all that. How did you get interested in diet and lifestyle as a healing process? As a healing therapy?

Dr. Jamal Atalla: [00:04:28] Sure. Yeah.

I’ve been in the practice of medicine for almost 30 years and I’ve worked in all capacity of medicine.

I worked as an internal medicine for a long time emergency room and then nephrology and then interventional nephrology. And I get to watch really the way that we practice medicine. Now, you know, we do amazing in the allopathic practice of medicine in managing and curing and dealing with Hugh disease.

Right. So if somebody is having a heart attack, somebody with, a stroke, somebody who has a major trauma. We do amazing things really. We came, you know, a long way in manageing and dealing with this disease. However, from my own observation, right. And from my own practice. From seeing a lot of my family members and loved ones, close friends around me, dealing with chronic diseases.

I could tell you that our health care system delivery is not really answering the need of healing the body holistically. Right? I’ve seen it. A lot of my family members. I watched both of my parents withering away under chemo treatments. Right. And at the same time , through my own readings, it’s all my own observation.

And then through my own practice, when I studied nutrition, I was seeing the power of these simple  things that we do. As you said,  just the diets and then the lifestyle and exercise and the sleep pattern. How the amount of healing that brings to the body. It’s not just me, but we of home care provider now recognizing more and more the power of these simple things that we, that we take in preventing treating and reversing chronic diseases.

Dr. Adeola Oke: [00:06:14] I see it to. People are usually like, aren’t you a Pharmacist? Why are you still so focused on diet and lifestyle? Cause I’m like, that is the way people, that is the way. Diet and lifestyle. If you can fix those two, you’re good.

Like in preventing and like doing the best you can. Possibly, right. That’s how I see it. Like the rest is up to whatever. Right. But you can do what you can do and that’s where this all comes in, right?

Dr. Jamal Atalla: [00:06:42] Yes, absolutely. And, another thing is that this is now  proven by top-notch science and there’s more than to count publications and data and evidence based about, you know, just adopting this. In comparative, even with some of the medication and almost always the natural, practice of medicine surpasses and results in outcome, much of the medicines that we use on daily basis.

Dr. Adeola Oke: [00:07:11] Talking about outcome. Right. So you’ve done this Detoxothon program, like about twice, right? Is that it?

Dr. Jamal Atalla: [00:07:17] We’ve done it twice. We’ve done a different version of it before using juicing as a modified version of it, but yes.

Dr. Adeola Oke: [00:07:25] Okay. Okay. So it’s a five day program and it involves several stages.

Dr. Jamal Atalla: [00:07:30] Five WEEK program. Yeah.

Dr. Adeola Oke: [00:07:32] Oh yeah. Five weeks program. And it involves several stages of cleansing the body. Right. So what, so can you just tell us what each week is just briefly, right?

What each week is and what outcomes based on people fulfilling on those five weeks, what outcomes did they achieve?

Dr. Jamal Atalla: [00:07:49] So, I mean, these are things probably that it’s common knowledge. Yeah. Everybody knows. Now that processed food, for instance, is not good for you. Right. This is some sort of, kind of common knowledge anymore. You know, that too much sugar is not good for you. Right? A lot of evidence about dairies and a lot of evidence about eating too much meats and things like that. Right? The beauty of the toxicity is first. It’s a gradual. You know, adoptation of these healthy habits. So we take them one week at a time.  I probably, not particularly wanted to share the exact details of the program.

I, I don’t want to, you know, break the, the surprising factors for, for people to really be excited to be part of this program. Pretty much it’s things that. It’s a common knowledge. We sort of know it, but how to put it in practice, how to make it work in our life. That’s really the magic of this community program that people have really produced amazing, amazing results out of.

And you know, so we started week one and we give people that didactic material that they need, the support based information. That’s evidence-based. And then throughout the week they get the support and they get the community interaction and they get the social media and they support each other’s and, and, you know, by the end of five weeks, and you were part of the, this program. And then people literally, uh, you know, how about have produced amazing, amazing the results.

That’s pretty much the design effect.

Dr. Adeola Oke: [00:09:22] Yeah, yeah, yeah. I can say, I think I lost like eight pounds or something like that. It was ridiculous. And I felt good. Like, yeah, I do have joint pain before, but like I know people like have lower blood pressure, right? Those were some of the results.

Dr. Jamal Atalla: [00:09:36] So, you know, on average, the winning group on average lost 8.5 pounds, there’s some people who lost more. I think our winner lost 13 pounds. As far as blood pressure, the winning group have lost on average. 6.3, over 3.5 systolic, diastolic, respectively-points.

So like the  higher number of the blood pressure, they reduced it by 6.3 points. Then the lower number they reduced it by 3.5.  This is on average.

Dr. Adeola Oke: [00:10:09] That’s pretty good.

Dr. Jamal Atalla: [00:10:10] We do health assessment. This is a survey that the participants exercise and at the end, the improvements. And this is, they score themselves and we just, you know, compare result. On average, the health improvement was between 20 to 37% improve their outcome. And this, this survey involves their assessment of their general wellbeing, their joint pain, their headache, their level of energy, their bowel habits.

Et cetera. Right? This is, you know, we thought this is quite amazing, you know?

I think so too! So without medication, just through diet, that actually that was an exercise. It was just diet

Just through diet by eliminating the toxin. Right. You know, the consecutive weeks that we do is literally meaning, you know, we’re saying, okay. .

I’m going to say it the week. Number one, was we gonna deal with processed food? Right? There’s no processed food. So what is processed food? People have come with a million questions that one week allows them to really piece it out and how we can eliminate processed food. And that just, that was able to really transform the health of many, many people. , By the way our participant were relatively healthy people.

I’m not talking about the common Joe. Right. And these are not people who, you know, heavy on, on, on fast food and whatnot. Right. But even, even a lot of them have shared that, you know, just eliminating processed food. I did not know what I was doing to my body, you know, and then the shares and energy, et cetera.

Dr. Adeola Oke: [00:11:48] Yeah. It’s amazing. I try to do a modified version on like my cousin. It wasn’t so successful. So I think you need like a community. You need a group.

Like it was just like me working on her. It was not …it didn’t work.

Dr. Jamal Atalla: [00:12:02] Exactly. I that’s one of the secret of success of Detoxothon. I think this is something was said by Dr. Mark Hyman, who’s the head of the functional medicine and the Cleveland clinic. You know, he said he compared the results for people who, whom he coached one-on-one and Dr. Mark Hyman, the one who knows him, he’s a cut edge physician who is skillful at all levels, you know, knowledge and communication and stuff.

He said, I compared the result for people who I’m coached one on one with a different cohort, that they did it as a community. I was involved with them indirectly. I did not see them, but they were doing it together. You said to my surprise, they, outdid the group that I coached one-on-one you see what I’m saying?

Doing it, collectively doing it as a community support each others, um, you know, being on social media. Made the world of difference. We’re able to stick with the program. It’s hard to stick with.

Dr. Adeola Oke: [00:13:05] That was going to be my next question. Like, you know, lifestyle, diet, changing diet and lifestyle is hard. It’s difficult.

How do you people stay motivated during this?

Dr. Jamal Atalla: [00:13:16] Yeah. As a matter of fact, the first version that we did when you asked me about the, you know, the first version that we did, we did one week of juicing. We also did… I don’t know if you were part of that or not. But to do one full week, just doing juicing. And especially if you are used to snack all the time, eat junk food.

And because this is extremely true. And I myself consider myself not very savvy with diet, but I said that there’s no way that I could have done it for one week on juice, on juice, you know, vegetable juice, not even fruit juice. You know, then we were talking about vegetable juice. Had it not because of the community, I there’s is no way that I’ve could have done it.

So, yeah, definitely. That was that’s one of the secret ingredients of this, uh program

Dr. Adeola Oke: [00:14:04] Community like lifts you up and helps you get through the impossible because yes, it was hard. I was like, Oh, she couldn’t get any, but now I get it. It’s the community. Like, even like when my mom was like, Oh, let’s just go with juice.

I’m like, I can’t do that. Just not eat food. No, no, not me..

Dr. Jamal Atalla: [00:14:25] But you know, it was like a game, whoops. And who’s gonna lose the most weight, like metrics and we, people were excited. Yeah. It was a, it was rather a exciting to see people’s results and in engagement with the program.

Dr. Adeola Oke: [00:14:41] Okay. Because of this COVID right. A lot of people have not moved as much. And then a lot of people have gained a ton of weight.  So. Detoxothon. I think it’s will be like a really good answer to alot of people’s prayers right now. So when is the next one coming up? When is the next Detoxothon program?

Dr. Jamal Atalla: [00:14:58] Yeah. No. Yeah, we’re working on an online version of it. That’s should be coming up soon. Okay. Be on the watch for it. And there’s a lot of work has been done to, you know, reinvent and repackage, uh, detoxifying to help people in a powerful way online, you know, doing it in person is one thing, but doing it online.

Keeping it engaging and keeping it with integrity and keeping it, uh, and that people don’t lose interest because you know, let’s face it. There’s, there’s a lot of programs. Right? I do believe that Detoxothon is extremely exceptional and it produces the results and it works. I know it works because I’ve been at myself.

See, that’s the other thing of the program is that, that the group that lead this, uh, this work, we do it ourselves. And when we share with people, we share with them about our successes, but we also should, we share with them about our failure. So, and people learn from our failures and way more than they know from our success and victories.

Right. So it’s a real thing. And, and we, we believe in like open, authentic, Uh, communication and, and, and, and we, you know, we, we, you try to hear people and, you know, when people are, are heard…when they know that they’re heard, it’s just, it’s amazing how, how much willingness they exercise to really follow through and produce results.

Dr. Adeola Oke: [00:16:25] Absolutely! Yes, okay. Alrighty. I will look up, well, the next detoxothon. I need some cleansing. Alrighty. So we’ve talked a lot today, right? So thank you for your time and all that. What is one thing? But you want to make sure that if. People are not even able to participate in the talks of time. What is one thing you want to make sure they get out of this conversation today?

Dr. Jamal Atalla: [00:16:46] You know, one thing that I invite people to, uh, to take away that, to look at a powerful context to their body, I feel our body is, is a trust. You know, when, you know, to, to maintain and keep the trust is, is something that we hold to ourselves or to our family and all to whatever we stand for.

Uh, in life, wherever is important to you in life, without your health, without your vitality, without your energy, uh, you’re not going to be able to deliver  what is important to you. However you are dealing with that body? I do invite you. To look at it from a simple perspective and that’s awesome. The third, you know, beautiful, magical ingredients about this, it’s really, it’s a simple program it’s based on one concept.

And that is what I want people to leave with is that our body are equipped to heal themselves. We just need to stop dumping toxin and dumping injuries and dumping processed food. And, you know, so, so it’s a simple thing. So whatever works for people, um, we’d love to have them as part of Detoxothon. But even if they did not do that, you know, start looking at to what am I throwing?

What am I dumping on my body that hinders its ability to heal itself and we’ll leave it as a discovery for them. They’re going to discover a lot, but if they come with this powerful, uh, you know, uh, curiosity, right? I know. I want to know. I’d want to find out what is, and I think that’s where y’all. People would know.

If you ask them, what do you think your issue is more likely than not? They know. That’s why, that’s why, as I, I shared with you before, you know, listening to people make the world of difference. I know that from practicing medicine for a long time, is that, you know, listen to your patients. And often they know the answer, you know. But as dr Schwitzer said, encourage the doctors within.

You know, it’s not about me sitting across the patient and preach on them 15 minutes, you know, it’s, it’s the test to be a discovery. It has to be something that they discover and own. And I’ll tell you what, when they do that, they produce results. So, and you know, the difference. I mean, there’s a lot of inspiring shares about our participants, you know.

It’s just amazing. Yeah. You know, to see the difference in the quality of life that made for them. You know, one of them, one of the participants said, you know, I I’m thankful for the program because allow me and my wife to bond. When we are prep me, you know, prepping the meals together, you know, a lot of people had said that, you know. I had seven on my joint pain, I had zero at the end of the program after this is after five weeks.

Right. So. So that’s my invitation for everyone.

Dr. Adeola Oke: [00:19:52] Okay. Okay. Yeah. It’s I tell my patients, you see your, the boss, you have the boss, you decide what you decide to put in your mouth. You decide what you’re not going to put in your mouth, so I totally get it. So thank you so much, Dr. Jamal, it was a pleasure having you here.

So if people are to get ahold of you, I learned more about the Detoxothon program. How can they get in touch with you after the show?

Dr. Jamal Atalla: [00:20:14] I have a Facebook, Detoxoton page. People could, you know, there’s two parts. But at least they could get into the, the, the general, uh, Detoxothon, uh, on Facebook, on Facebook. They could email me at Detoxoton. And that’s Detox-O-Thon.  So there’s three O’s in the detoxoton@gmail.com or they could text, or they could email me personally at my, uh, talk2dr@hotmail.com. So talk T A L K, the number two, doctor at hotmail.com. I’ll be honered to, support them and answer questions. And. And, and, and peep be part of their healing journey.

Dr. Adeola Oke: [00:21:00] So that’s very generous. It will be. Thank you. Thank you. So yes, he’s busy. He took time out of his busy schedule to be with us today. Thank you. We appreciate you. Thank you, Jamal. I’ve learned a couple of things here today. I was part of the detoxification program and it totally benefited me and I hope you will also take advantage of that opportunity too.

So we’ll see you in the next show. Have a good one. Bye bye.

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